Let your soul unwind, experience deep relaxation

Classic massage or an ear-candling ritual? Our spa offers you diverse treatments to fit your personal needs – the main focus is your wellbeing. Choose a treatment and relax in our spacious wellness area.

Q! Spa

A lot of room for your needs – the Q! Spa

Our spacious indoor spa area spreads over 700 square meters, with cozy quiet areas, a bio sauna, a finnish sauna, a swiss stone pine infrared room and a steam bath as well as 6 treatment rooms. The Private Spa for two with a whirlpool and resting area is available against extra charge. At our Sun Gate tea station, you can find your own personal wellbeing with inner warmth. Just as well, you will find fresh healing-stone water free of charge at your disposal.


For all your senses

In our high-tech and fast-paced times, we find ourselves more and more looking for our true origin.
Our spa was created as a space to fulfil your wishes of tranquility and relaxation.

On the following pages, you will be able to configure your personalised wellness programme for your timeout
– our spa team will gladly give you advice and suggestions. You can immediately request your application book here or directly at the spa reception at your arrival.

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Power lies in the calmness...

Perhaps meditation is even more significant in modern life’s daily hustle than ever before, and there is no method more effective and pleasant than switching off completely – the spinning thoughts in your mind come to a standstill and you can use this inner peace to look inwards and become aware of your own perceptions.

30 min. | 89,- Euro



NUAD is practiced on a mat placed on the floor, without oil and in comfortable clothing. The combination of gentle, fluent motions, deep stretching, and rhythmic tensing and relaxing produces a deep state of relaxation and regeneration.
The principle is based on the invisible flowing energy lines, the “Sen”, which carry life energy (“Prana”) to all areas of the body.

When we are, as is unfortunately quite common nowadays, subject to adverse living conditions for longer periods of time, be it through mental, emotional or physical stress, the flow of our life energy can be blocked. This leads to malaise and decreased zest for life, and subsequently causes illnesses. NUAD dissipates these blockages and re-establishes a harmonious energy flow.

A NUAD session lasts between one and a half to two hours. During this time, the breath is deepened, while the metabolism and the body’s own power to heal are positively stimulated. Physical tensions and inner strains loosen. The stresses of daily troubles fade into the background and we can once again meet the world with more peace and serenity. Please feel free to contact us and we will arrange a personal NUAD session for you.

90 – 120 min. | 120,- Euro



4 nichts from 478.- €

Our surroundings are perfect to let you take a long time just for taking good care of yourself and disconnect completely – "Namaste".


2 nights from 296.- €

Indulge yourselves in a unique experience with your best friend. Nothing like a cozy atmosphere to help you relax.


2 nights from 209.- €

Replenishment and relaxation in cosy togetherness for a romantic Weekend!


3 nights from 374.- €

You will become healthier, stronger, more balanced, and as a result more self-confident.


4 nights from 234.- €

The ideal package for anyone who wants to indulge in time-out.


3 nights from 311.50 €

One of the most beautiful and, above all, a time of total life changes meant the pregnancy.

Enjoy with your loved ones the wonderful time with us in Kitzbühel.


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