We will walk you through the first small steps

We have made it our goal to support your sports activities all the way – whether a gentle yoga session or a power workout with a personal trainer. We offer you fitness challenges to match every body's condition.

Q! Gym

It is about endurance, strength and balance

Our top-of-the-line fitness studio, outfitted with Technogym equipment, invites you to dedicate your whole body to fitness. We are happy to organise an individual training programme for you, fine-tuned to your goals and wishes. Personal training is the most individual form of fitness coaching. All exercises are tailored to suit you, making the training very intensive and healthy. Take advantage of our weekly rotating activities programme.

The following classes are offered in our complimentary, daily rotating activities programme:
Aquafit (summer), Yoga, Pilates, Hiking, Nordic Walking, Stretching


The art of small steps

Lord, I ask not for miracles nor mirages, but for the strength for each day. Teach me the art of small steps.

To keep body and spirit healthy, we need a counterweight for our daily life, a balance between stress and relaxation. Yoga fosters this inner balance and in doing so, it helps to invigorate the soul. Movement and breath meld with one another, opening up a meditative stream, an invitation to a journey within. The goal is to feel the moment and experience a connection with the inner self. Yoga relaxes, energizes and lends muscles agility and firmness. Give your body and soul new energy, and take inner peace and new strength with you when you go.

About Martina Egger

My path began as I stopped following others!

As a midwife, TCM therapist, yoga instructor, as well as energy- and physiotherapist, I have found my professional fulfilment. I teach Ashtanga yoga and the elements of yoga’s Yin/Yang, and dedicate my classes to topics in connection with Pranayama (guided breathing), meditation, visualisation and consciousness exercises. I bring yoga together with the wonderful “other way of thinking” from Chinese medicine.


About Gerlinde Ginanneschi

No matter what you do, do it with all your heart.


Neither the perfect Asana, nor the perfect workout are paramount. For me, yoga means to take time for oneself, to slow down the mind’s rollercoaster, to connect with the breathing, and to move the body in such a way, that it will do you good –always more often, and always with the heart more present in the here and now. Practicing Asanas, meditation, and gentle breathing exercises are wonderful auxiliary means to achieve this.

Yoga classes

Our classes

The following classes are provided by our yogi team Martina and Gerlinde in our yoga loft:

  • Ashtanga (Vinyasa) Yoga
    Vinyasa Flow combines continuos movement series with standstill body positions, and a special breathing technique (Ujjayi-Atmung).
  • Yin Yoga
    Yin Yoga is a gentle, calm workout – a peaceful and meditative way of exercising. By passively holding the Asanas over at least 3-5 minutes, Yin Yoga becomes challenging. The rest allows you to reach a deeper meditation experience.
  • Yoga 4 Kids
    Children are curious! Play is the greatest way to wake up their interest, so it is easier to channel their drive with movement.



Pilates is a holistic training method that combines strength with movement. The training stimulates from the core to the deep muscles of the entire organism; it strengthens, expands, activates and vitalises body and soul. Allow yourself to have an intensive and personalised start. Experience the fascination for Pilates in a single hour.

60 Min. | 79,- Euro

About Heidi Münster

Since 2011 I’m a passionate Zumba coach. I completed further training and education as a physical trainer to share more “joy of movement” with other people, including:

  • Aerobics
  • Body workout
  • Floor work
  • Healthy back
  • Interval training
  • Pilates
  • Circuit training

Through to my vocation as a fitness trainer, it’s wonderful to observe how other people increase their strength and well-being as they outgrow themselves in countless ways.


3 nights from 579,- €

You will become healthier, stronger, more balanced, and as a result more self-confident.

2 nights from 389,99 €

We will walk you through the first small steps. We have made it our goal to support your sports activities all the way. We offer you fitness challenges to match every body’s condition.


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