Every movement happens in time and has a goal

We have made it our goal to support your sports activities all the way – whether a gentle yoga session or a power workout with a personal trainer. We offer you fitness challenges to match every body's condition.

Q! Gym

It is about endurance, strength and balance

Equipped with TechnoGym machines, the modern gym invites you to fully dedicate yourself to your physical fitness.

We will happily organise an individual sports programme for you, customised to meet your goals and wishes. Personal training is the most individual form of training, as all exercises are specially tailored to you. The training is thus very intensive and healthy.

Activity program

Our courses

Below is an example of our activity program, which is updated weekly.


The art of small steps

Lord, I ask not for miracles nor mirages, but for the strength for each day. Teach me the art of small steps.

To keep body and spirit healthy, we need a counterweight for our daily life, a balance between stress and relaxation. Yoga fosters this inner balance and in doing so, it helps to invigorate the soul. Movement and breath meld with one another, opening up a meditative stream, an invitation to a journey within. The goal is to feel the moment and experience a connection with the inner self.

Yoga relaxes, energizes and lends muscles agility and firmness. Give your body and soul new energy, and take inner peace and new strength with you when you go.




My path began as I stopped following others!

As a midwife, TCM therapist, yoga instructor, as well as energy- and physiotherapist, I have found my professional fulfilment. I teach Ashtanga yoga and the elements of yoga’s Yin/Yang, and dedicate my classes to topics in connection with Pranayama (guided breathing), meditation, visualisation and consciousness exercises. I bring yoga together with the wonderful “other way of thinking” from Chinese medicine.




Pilates is a holistic training method that combines strength with movement. The training stimulates from the core to the deep muscles of the entire organism; it strengthens, expands, activates and vitalises body and soul.

Allow yourself to have an intensive and personalised start. Experience the fascination for Pilates in a single hour.



Since 2011 I’m a passionate Zumba coach. I completed further training and education as a physical trainer to share more “joy of movement” with other people, including:

  • Aerobics
  • Body workout
  • Floor work
  • Healthy back
  • Interval training
  • Pilates
  • Circuit training

Through to my vocation as a fitness trainer, it’s wonderful to observe how other people increase their strength and well-being as they outgrow themselves in countless ways.



4 nights from 399.- €

Enjoy the pure air in our wonderful mountains… Experience over 1.000 kilometres of well-maintained hiking tracks, and the beauty of the Kitzbühel Alps.

Q! Resort im Winter und Seilbahn

4 nights from 561.60 €

The vast Kitzbühel Ski Area extends over 2 districts and 7 municipalities. 54 cable cars and lifts operate over the world renowned ski region.

Lisa Stampfer

7 night from 1,006.- €

Make the most of spring and that sunny summer feeling. Feel well prepared for the »lean« season and above all happy in your own skin. Our »Fit & Slim« Summer-Q-Programme makes this possible! Let’s work together to lose the first or the last pounds on the way to your goal weight.


3 nights from 374.- €

You will become healthier, stronger, more balanced, and as a result more self-confident.

Manuela Jell

3 Nächte ab 210,60 €

Yogareise – Flow – ON and OFF THE MAT. Yoga unterstützt uns dabei, zu unserer Mitte zu finden. Uns zu spüren und zu erkennen, was wir gerade jetzt, in diesem Moment brauchen. Wir nehmen uns Raum, alles zuzulassen: Dynamik und Ruhe – Aktivität und Passivität, Yin und Yang.

Yoga & Klang

3 Nächte ab 210,60 €

Ein Retreat für Frische, Vitalität, Lebenslust, Motivation und Tatendrang.

mimind Aktivreise

6 Nächte ab 779,- €

Im herrlichen Bergpanorama von Kitzbühel erwartet Sie ein bunter Mix aus Wandern, Fitness-Workouts und Entspannung. Bei unseren Trainings wie Bootcamps, TRX-Training, Core-Tabata, Yoga und vielem mehr können Sie sich so richtig auspowern und dabei einen besonderen Teamspirit erleben. Im Anschluss bietet der große Spa-Bereich des Q! Resorts perfekte Möglichkeiten zur Entspannung. Das leckere und...

Barbara Heiner Slow-Mood-Retreat 2020

3 Nächte ab 579,60 €

Die Adventszeit, Weihnachten und schließlich Silvester stehen an. Das Jahr neigt sich seinem Ausklang, dem Übergang in einen neuen Jahreszyklus entgegen. Überall herrscht Jahresendspurtstimmung. Im Slow-Mood Retreat im Q! Resort in Kitzbühel drosseln wir vier Tage lang bewusst das Tempo, lassen ein wenig Luft heraus.


Our current brochures

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