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Alkaline diet

Alkaline diet –the Detox treatment

The alkaline diet is a unique fasting experience. It is a mild, but highly effective treatment to alkalize, regenerate, and detoxify your body –without feeling hungry. Acid-forming foods will be intentionally avoided for a period of time. This vegan detox treatment is 100% base-forming. Already after a few days you will start feeling and noticing changes: tiredness and lack of drive give way to vitality and energy.

During the alkaline fasting, you are allowed to eat seasonal fruits and vegetables, as well as fresh herbal teas, sprouts, almonds, sunflower- and other seeds, and cold-pressed oils; since these are metabolized as alkalis in your body. The classic alkaline breakfast consists of alkaline cereals with fruits, lunch of a crunchy raw-foods salad or an alkaline soup and a vegetable dish. A warm soup and a vegetable dish will be served for dinner. During the day, you can have water and delicious fresh herbal teas at any time. Thereby the effects of alkaline fasting will be intensified. This programme allows you to become leaner and healthier –while getting nourished in balance with our diverse, low-caloric and vitamin-rich food selection. For those with allergies or food intolerance, avoiding acid-forming foods brings great benefits. Allergens such as cow milk, wheat, rye and sugar are out of the picture. Moreover, alkaline eating is a low-histamine diet. 

Other than the certified fasting guidance, you will get valuable impetus for a delightful and tasty alkaline diet. Our trained specialists will accompany you throughout the whole fasting time and they will guide you according to this healing treatment’s principles. Just tell us to which intensity you prefer to be guided: we will support you with continuous motivation and well-founded knowledge –or we can give you space to enjoy yourself in pleasant calmness. It’s completely up to you. And if you find it difficult to get used to this type of eating, we will be there for you and give you full support. Pamper yourself furthermore if you feel like it: our spa team is always ready to fulfil your treatment wishes. You will unite your body, mind and soul in harmony.

Alkaline Diet for day guests

Enjoy here and sleep at home

At Q! Resort you can also book the alkaline fasting programme as a day guest all year round. Our daily programme will make you healthier throughout the day.

Let our trained and certified alkaline-team proof that leaving acid-forming foods to have a healthier lifestyle doesn’t imply that you’re only allowed to eat boring vegetable dishes. Give it a try, you will be impressed! Use this week to bring your body, mind and soul back in harmony with the alkaline fasting treatment. Our spa team will gladly help you choose personalised treatments according to your wishes. 

  • Breakfast at 09:00:
    Alkaline muesli, fruit salad, or a clear vegetable broth
  • Lunch at 1 pm:
    Rainbow raw food salad, or a vegetable soup (e.g. Minestrone) and a seasonal vegetable dish (e.g. zucchini fritters with eggplant caviar)
  • Dinner at 6:30 pm:
    Vegetable soup (e.g. cream of parsley root soup) and seasonal vegetables (e.g. chard rolls with potato and herb infused cream)

Enjoy one week of alkaline fasting as a day guest – 7 days for 499 € per person.

Juice Fasting

Juice fasting à la Q!

The ideal way to relieve your body. This detox and cleansing treatment consists of vegetables, fruits, superfoods, and water. Your body will be grateful for being so well nurtured with vital substances. You can be sure that you will lose weight, increase your energy, baffle food cravings, think more clearly, and improve your digestion and your general state of health.

Improvements after the juice fasting:

  • Weight loss (ca. 2 to 5 kg in one week)
  • Energy increase  
  • Mental clarity
  • Regenerating sleep
  • Better digestion
  • Less bloating
  • Refined skin texture

The fasting principle is very simple in this fasting:

The fasting principle of this treatment is extremely simple: You drink 4 fruit-and-vegetable juices throughout the day. Additionally, you should drink at least 2,5 litres of water, so that there’s enough fluids available to help your body get rid of dissolved toxins. This means you do not ingest any solids.

With this healthy-juice nutrition you will give your body the possibility to flush out toxins and bodily wastes faster. This liquid food contains concentrated nutrients in a form that your body can process best. During juice fasting, your body keeps its fat and proteins to the greatest possible extent, so that you your organism can use the energy that it would normally use for digesting rather to detoxify and clean


Lisa Stampfer

7 night from 1,006.- €

Make the most of spring and that sunny summer feeling. Feel well prepared for the »lean« season and above all happy in your own skin. Our »Fit & Slim« Summer-Q-Programme makes this possible! Let’s work together to lose the first or the last pounds on the way to your goal weight.


3 nights from 382.- €

Our organic juice fasting leads towards a natural body cleanse and detox. This detoxifying treatment works wonders! You will lose weight, increase your vitality and improve your overall health. Your body will be grateful.


Basisches Müsli

7 nights from 1,082.- €

Get to know your body in a brand new way and let go of all your daily worries and bad habits. We created an all-inclusive carefree package for you, to strengthen your health and help you reach your optimal weight.


7 nights from 960.- €

Start off your metabolism. Your body will be grateful.


2 nights from 306.- €

For our experienced guests, who might want to put together their own individual wellness program.


7 nights from 773.- €

Alkaline fasting diet - but without missing out on culinary delight. This is possible at Q! Resort Kitzbühel, the first organic certified hotel in Kitzbühel. At Q! Resort, our main focus is your health.


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